The 3 Essential Tools You Need to Ace Your Grade 6 Theory Exam

15 - 19 February

If you're struggling to jump the gap from Grade 5 to Grade 6 music theory, then join me for this free 5 day workshop!

Here's what you'll learn in this workshop:


The formula you need to write good chord progressions


How to make good chord choices, even away from your instrument


A simple trick to make your melodies sparkle


My name is Lona Kozik, and I started the School of Music Theory in 2019 after teaching music theory and composition both privately and at higher education level for 20 years. I've taught at the University of Pennsylvania (PA, USA), Interlochen Arts Camp (MI, USA), Plymouth University (UK), Dartington College of Arts (UK), and in my own studio at home. I own and operate the Totnes School of Piano.

I entered my undergraduate studies completely focussed on studying piano performance, but I quickly found that studying music theory improved my sight-reading and my ability to learn and memorize music quickly; it heightened my musical expression and understanding at the piano; and it eventually led me to composing music.

I hold dual undergraduate degrees in piano performance and music theory, an MA and PhD in composition from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and two MFAs in performance (improvisation emphasis) and in electronic music & recording media from Mills College in California, where I won the Flora Boyd Piano Performance Prize in 2011.

But most importantly, I have a passion for teaching music theory. I believe it is the key that unlocks all musical treasures. It can be engaging in its own right, but music theory, for me, is a means toward greater musical expression and creativity.​​


What People Say

Lona breaks down musical vocabulary into succinct lectures that are still easy to follow. The lectures are an innovative way to reach the audience. Lona answers any queries brilliantly leaving no grey areas. It certainly built my confidence in analyzing.

Tara Exton, August 2019


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