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Music Theory Bootcamp

If it's been awhile since you passed grade 5 theory - If you feel overwhelmed or intimidated by grade 6 theory (or other advanced theory studies) - Or if you just want to strengthen your music theory skills, then the Music Theory Bootcamp was designed for you.


The Music Theory Bootcamp is designed to review music theory fundamentals and build a strong foundation for advanced studies in music theory. It is ideal for anyone who would like to strengthen their grasp of music theory.

You can read more about Music Theory Bootcamp HERE.

What others say about Music Theory Bootcamp:

"Excellent course ...Clearly not just tailored for those wanting to pass grade 6 theory - the course seems geared to delivering a really solid understanding of harmony and so would make you a better musician and teacher." -Jo Sanderson

"Lona is a fantastic teacher who is really passionate about music theory. Her love of teaching shines through and she explains the concepts well. She is always available to answer any questions that come up and goes above and beyond to make sure that her students' needs are met." -Charlotte Ward

"[This course] will definitely put you on the right direction for grade 6." -Gillian Beattie

"Lona is a gifted teacher with a way of explaining things that makes you eager to learn rather than shame for not knowing more than you do! She is thorough in her breakdown of the modules and gives plenty of help and time to digest each principle." -Rebecca Marshall

"[Music Theory Bootcamp] will help you to begin thinking in a key and will develop your musical understanding in many ways." -Hannah Tudor

"After years of trying to understand the ABRSM books everything became clearer." -Valerie Neighbour

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