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Bach Trio Sonata BWV1038 - continuo_edit
Bach Trio Sonata BWV1038 - continuo_edit
Bach Trio Sonata BWV1038 - continuo_edit
Bach Trio Sonata BWV1038 - continuo_edit
Grade 6 Composition Courses
Pass the Grade 6 Theory Exam With Confidence

The Grade 6 Composition Courses are a bundle of three 8 week courses designed to address the first three questions of the ABRSM Grade 6 exam. The bundle includes Harmonising Melodies, Four Part Writing and Melody Writing.

Enrollment for the Grade 6 Composition Courses opens in October 2023. Join the FREE online Grade 6 Theory Workshop to get started. You can read more about it and sign up HERE.

Having trouble jumping the gap from Grade 5 to Grade 6 music theory?

Don't do it alone - prepare for your exam with me, and pass the Grade 6 with ease.

You might have noticed that going from Grade 5 theory to Grade 6 is a huge jump in  musical knowedge!

  • You need to be fluent with all chords, keys and scales.

  • More than half the exam is composition based, so you also need to develop advanced skills in composition.

  • Many who have tried self study quickly hit a wall and wondered if they were on the right track.

  • If you are new to composing, how do you begin? There are so many steps to take, it can feel overwhelming. Did you ever just sit there and feel stuck, unsure how to proceed?

  • Working through Grade 6 theory course books, it's easy to get lost in complicated explanations and wading through jargon that is difficult to take in.

  • And once you finally start composing, how do you know if you're on the right track? Self-doubt creeps in pretty quickly.

  • Even if you have access to sample answers, how does your work measure up against them? The composition questions don't have objective answers, so how can you judge how close you are to the mark?

All of this feels overwhelming and complicated when you're working on your own.

The Grade 6 Composition Courses are designed to make Grade 6 theory preparation effortless - engaging - some even say fun! I break the exam down into achievable steps, taking you through the process of composing from initial ideas to finished pieces.

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