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Music Theory Magic

When I first started teaching music theory online, I quickly had a number of requests to teach the ABRSM grade 6 theory exam, which slightly puzzled me at first. Why particularly grade 6...?

So I checked out the exam, and I could immediately see why grade 6 was a bit of a big deal.

In the UK, most student musicians pass their grade 5 theory as a prerequisite for further instrumental studies in the exam system. But for those who want to keep going with their theory, or those who want to pass grade 6 as a prerequisite for pursuing professional level certifications, the grade 6 theory exam presents a heck of a challenge!

There is a tremendous jump from grade 5, which covers the rudiments of theory, to grade 6, which asks students to expand and deepen their understanding of diatonic harmony and apply it to 3 miniature composition studies. Grade 5 theory is like learning musical vocabulary - scales, chords, time signatures, etc. Grade 6 theory (and beyond) is learning how to speak classical music language.

In brief, I could see why students were asking for my help!

Fast forward three years, and I can honestly say that I love teaching the grade 6 theory exam! I know - these are shocking words to me, too, and not my typical response to exam culture. However, it's a nice little framework for getting stuck in and diving deep into the harmonic language of the 18th and 19th centuries. I even wrote a blog post about why I love the ABRSM grade 6 theory exam - you can read about it HERE.

I've had students take my Grade 6 Theory Workshop, take my Grade 6 Theory course and pass the exam with flying colours. I've also had students take my workshop, take my course - just for the fun of it!

Fun, you say?

Yes, because when they take up these theory studies, magical things start to happen to their musicianship. Suddenly they can sight read better - they can learn and memorise their music so much better - they can understand and interpret their scores in ways they could only previously imagine. The way they think, talk about and imagine music changes - it shifts into HD overdrive!!

And that's the REAL reason to take a deep dive into music theory.

So if this sounds good to you - and if you'd like to unlock some of this grade 6 magic with me - do get yourself onto my Grade 6 Theory Workshop. It's free - it's online - it's happening at the end of this month.

Click HERE to sign up.

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