The Architecture of Sonata

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This course traces the development of sonata form from the Baroque dance suite of the mid-18th century through to the sonatas of the early 19th century. We will be analysing the music of JS Bach, Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

This course will also allow plenty of time to practice analytical tools, including the following:

  • scale structures

  • key relations around the circle of fifths

  • triad and seventh chord structures

  • chord inversions and figured bass

  • harmonic reduction and Roman numeral analysis

  • understanding iterations and operations of diatonic harmony

  • understanding iterations and operations of chromatic harmony

  • melodic decorations and non-chord tones

  • mode mixture

  • cadences

  • dominant 7th chords and secondary dominant 7th chords

  • modulation

  • stylistic features

  • phrase structures

  • recognising the harmonic architecture of sonata form

This course will run again in 2020.

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